Taking Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

People expect easy everything anywhere anytime so why not customer service or sales? Great CXM and CRM will be the deciding factor on who will still be in business in ten years. People will pay more for products and services if it comes with great CX! Common reasons why customer service, sales, marketing and customer engagement in general have to Modernize, Innovate and Transform themselves:

  • Digital Channel Additions
  • ACD End of Life
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • TDM to SIP Transformation
  • Site Virtualization
  • Cost Reduction
  • CX Journey Transformation
  • Need Better Analytics w/ Actionable Data
  • Increase Sales
  • Mobile and Contact Center Extensibility
  • Eliminate Engagement Silos
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Decrease Agent Turnover
  • Omni-Channel

From Managing Touchpoints to Customer Journeys…..

Today’s Mindset – “I want it and I want it NOW!”

Do you have the capabilities to accommodate the new world of “instant gratification” – customer expectations? According to analyst reports, consumers are expecting near real time resolutions that are quick and easy and in sync with how they engage no matter what channel. And they certainly don’t expect to repeat themselves. Consumers today will drop you in a heartbeat if you do not provide excellent customer service!

BC Solutions, LLC

Even if you have what you consider to be a “bad egg”……can you afford to not take care of them? Their voice can be even louder than Veruca Salt when you consider the brand damage that can be posted on Social Media.

BC Solutions, LLC

So what do you do? You can’t just get rid of them because this behavior is the new norm and unfortunately you could go out of business!

BC Solutions, LLC

In all seriousness take a look at the articles on the left panel of this site. I am building a collection of real life scenarios and stories as I meet and speak with Call Center and Customer Relationship Management. We all service, sell and market these days! Great CX is the only way to survive the age of the consumer!