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The Real Message about Great Customer Experience with Omnichannel

August 7, 2019
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Business Silos / Omnichannel

Silos are the New Customer Experience Enemies!

Business Change / Omnichannel / Transformation

People come and people go – but what about your business?


I’ll take an old fashioned – NOT!

Technological landscape

I’ll take an old fashioned – NOT!

A modern customer service organization should be built on modern technology instead of “old fashioned” monolithic hardware. Using an open, standards-based ...
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Call center agents

I think he wants to be a Remote Agent!

This is a “Beaglier” and his name is “Duke” but we call him “Duke Man”! We believe he wants to be ...
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A headset and a laptop

Do you want your customers talking to your help desk?

All I really need to show on this blog is one picture and ask one question. I think everybody gets it. But ...
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arrows pointing in different directions

Did You Drink the Snake Oil

Were you the unfortunate victim of making a bad choice for your Cloud CXM/CRM vendor? Maybe many of the underlying ...
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