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The Real Message about Great Customer Experience with Omnichannel

August 7, 2019
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Silos are the New Customer Experience Enemies!

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People come and people go – but what about your business?


I’ll take an old fashioned – NOT!

BC Solutions, LLC

TBT: Multi-Channel Customer Engagement in the 90’s? We built it ourselves!

I am proud to have been part of an innovative company in the 90’s. SkyTel was probably one of the first ...
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BC Solutions, LLC

Is this your reality or a trip down memory lane?

Is your executive level Customer Service management team having issues justifying the replacement of your old customer engagement technology? Hopefully ...
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BC Solutions, LLC

Is achieving great CX being limited in your company?

Analogy: Top-of-the-line when originally purchased.No longer supported by the Manufacturer.Your sales rep has retired or is working for another vendor.Replacement ...
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