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The Real Message about Great Customer Experience with Omnichannel

August 7, 2019
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Business Silos / Omnichannel

Silos are the New Customer Experience Enemies!

Business Change / Omnichannel / Transformation

People come and people go – but what about your business?


I’ll take an old fashioned – NOT!

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CXO – Customer Experience Optimization – “It’s all about the data!”

Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey The most common question from any business shopping for enterprise software ...
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A pen and a pie graph

CX Software is not a Commodity, so why “Cheap Out”?

Unfortunate CX Investment Reality There are way too many companies out there today that have forgotten the old adage, ” ...
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What’s on your agent’s desktop?

How many applications do your agents use for call handling? Is there a window for CRM, order entry, email, chat, knowledge ...
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What is the difference between CRM and CXM?

What is the difference between CRM and CXM? Can your CRM vendor do everything that a CXM vendor can do? Probably not ...
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