Graphs floating above a device

Isn’t a Collections Department another form of a Contact Center? Do Customer Service and the Collection Departments have to be silos? The answer is no! Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was visibility to all customer interactions so that favorite channels of communications could be identified and used for channel preference for collections campaigns. The answer is…

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Silos are the New Customer Experience Enemies!

Individuals in a meeting

Social Media, Mobile, Web and Contact Centers are here to stay! Do your Customer Service Agents utilize the Social Media Channel or is Marketing and Customer Service operating as silos? Is the messaging via Social Media consistent with other Engagement Channels and is there complete visibility of all engagement activities for the creation of actionable…

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I’ll take an old fashioned – NOT!

Technological landscape

A modern customer service organization should be built on modern technology instead of “old fashioned” monolithic hardware. Using an open, standards-based SIP contact center solution, you can drastically reduce architectural complexity and establish a foundation for innovation. Below is a 1950 Admiral TV. It still works but would you want this to be your primary portal to the…

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I think he wants to be a Remote Agent!

Call center agents

This is a “Beaglier” and his name is “Duke” but we call him “Duke Man”! We believe he wants to be a Remote Agent! Implementing Remote Agents and Contact Center Multi-Sourcing in the Cloud is very possible and can make business sense! Many companies are moving to multi-sourcing for contact center agents, largely in pursuit of…

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Do you want your customers talking to your help desk?

A headset and a laptop

All I really need to show on this blog is one picture and ask one question. I think everybody gets it. But there is obviously some confusion out there so I should provide some level of detail to validate my point. Definitions IT service management (ITSM) refers to the entirety of activities – directed by policies, organized and structured…

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Did You Drink the Snake Oil

arrows pointing in different directions

Were you the unfortunate victim of making a bad choice for your Cloud CXM/CRM vendor? Maybe many of the underlying components with the desired functionality are V1.0s and aren’t ready for prime-time? Or maybe you got a surprise message; “Sorry but it is going to be six months before we can deliver your order!”. Whether you…

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CX Software is not a Commodity, so why “Cheap Out”?

A pen and a pie graph

Unfortunate CX Investment Reality There are way too many companies out there today that have forgotten the old adage, ” you get what you pay for”. Investing in Enterprise CX Software is probably one of the most important and strategic business decisions impacting the future of companies today. Unfortunately too many companies are more interested…

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